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Workflow monitoring, Collections and more

· 2 min read

I am very excited to announce our newest feature, Collections. Collections allow you to create lists of API tests and browser tests which can be executed in a sequence.

Collections allow you to orchestrate tests against your web apps or APIs and make it possible to monitor complex user scenarios. Add tests to a Collection, drag-and-drop to change the order and perform operations as invoked by your real end-users.

Here are a few possibilities:

Workflow Monitoring

Monitor your workflows my composing API tests and Playwright based browser tests with optional delay between each step. Example scenarios such as:

  • Monitor your long-running workflows - ensure your end-to-end flows are working as expected and no regressions are introduced with newer changes
  • Monitor your ML training jobs - ensure your training servers are up and running
  • Monitor integrations - perform operations on your source service and assert the expected output on the target service.

The video walks you through a quick example for setting up workflow monitoring.

Monitor multiple environments

Create monitors or tests for your application functionality and continuously run them against your dev, staging, pre-prod and prod environments. By associationg Collections with specific Environments, the same tests can run on all your environments and any regressions in existing features can be identified.

Refer Multi-environment monitoring for more details.

We will a producing more content and videos discussing varieties of use cases in the coming days. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive our updates.