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· One min read

We are excited to announce availability of API monitoring for all customers in all the available monitoring regions.

API monitoring allows you to setup and monitor your critical REST end points to ensure they are working as expected. Similar to other types of monitors, you can also setup monitoring schedules to run your test at regular intervals. Currently the lowest interval we support for executing tests in all regions is 5 minutes.

We also updated the documentation to clarify the data retention periods for monitoring data. All preview and free plan workspaces will have a data retention period of 10 days and paid workspaces will have a default data retention period of 30 days.

Few other updates include:

  • Manage Workspace (rename or delete Workspace)
  • The ability to snooze or view snooze status from list view for all monitors.
  • Support for adding tags to monitors
  • other bug fixes

· One min read

Starting June 6th, 2022, DevRaven will be available as limited preview release. This release will help us gather feedback for fellow developers on the features and course correct the roadmap based on customer needs.

The features available include:

  • Synthetic Monitoring
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Web Page Monitoring
  • User Management including invite user flows.
  • Roles
  • Workspace Management
  • Global alert settings

More features are in the works and changes get deployed everyday.

We hope you find DevRaven useful for your development and operations needs. If you have any questions or feedback or need a 1-1 session to help you get started, please reach out to [email protected]