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DevRaven Recorder

· 2 min read

A browser test recorder has been one of the most asked features by our customers. Today I have happy to announce the launch of DevRaven Recorder.

DevRaven Recorder is a free chrome extension that you can install to quickly and easily record a brower test. The extension automatically generates the code for your test scenario as you perform the operations and the generated code can simply be copied to setup a synthetic monitor for your scenario. Zero coding skills required!

The extension currently supports the following features.

  • Captures mouse interactions including click, hover, double-click.
  • Captures data inputs to input fields such as text fields, password, single and multi-select fields and textarea fields.
  • Captures interactions with checkboxes and radio boxes
  • Captures keystokes including Meta(Command), CTRL, ALT (Option) keys.
  • Detects page navigations such as full web page, SPA or hash change events and automatically waits for navigation to complete.
  • Support for capturing screenshots while recording the tests.
  • Support for adding waitForSelector.

Here is a demo of the recorder in action:

We have also decided to open-souce the extension under Apache 2.0 license. If you are interested in contributing, feel free to send a pull request. The git repo for the extension is available at


The extension will be available on Chrome Web Store very soon following the review process. However you can side-load the extension today to try it out. Just follow the installation instructions available at There is a recording as well for the installation process.