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· 2 min read

Today we are announcing the availability of No-Code Editor for defining Synthetic Tests in DevRaven.

Previously, adding a new synthetic test required users to directly define the Javascript code for executing Playwright tests. However we received feedback from our users that directly writing code is hard and some users are not familiar with Javascript and use other languages for automating tests.

Based on this feedback, we added support for No-code Editor which offers ready-to-use actions that can be composed to create an end-to-end flow.

Browser interactions, assertions, miscellaneous actions and custom scripts can be added part of the flows with a simple click. Steps can also be dragged and dropped to change the execution sequence. For complex scenarios, we continue to support the full Scripting Mode.

Editor Actions

We also published content including video for users who prefer to use a browser based recorder to generate the code. Refer Recording Tests for more details on how to use recorder for generating Synthetic tests.

Other updates include: