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· 2 min read

I am excited to announce the availability of two new features today.

Distributed Tracing

We also rolled out support for distributed tracing with OpenTelemetry traceparent header (W3C trace context specification). Distributed tracing can now be enabled for Browser Tests or API Tests. When distributed tracing is enabled for a Test, the test results section will show a unique Trace ID that can be used to trace the transactions in your distributed tracing tool.

Here is an example Trace ID generated for a Browser Test:

Trace ID

By using the Trace ID, the requests, their latencies, performance, associated logs and other data can be traced. The screenshot below is a view from Google's Cloud Trace (the tool we use) showing the Trace view for the executed test.

Distributed Trace


Services allow you to quickly visualize the Service Health based on the status of associated checks. Services can be associated to SSL Monitors, API Monitors, Browser Tests or even one or more Collections. When an associated test or a test that is part of an associated Collection fails, the Service status will be changed to reflect the failed test.

Here is an example Overview page for Services in a Workspace.

Service Overview