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Network Requests and Console logs

· 2 min read

Developers and Quality teams spend lot of resources to automate the testing and monitoring of their web applications. It's pretty common to see failing network calls or console error messages, even if all the automated tests just pass.

These failing network calls or errors can happen for varities of reasons. It's just humanly not possible to keep track of network failures/errors while executing your tests all the time and also executing the tests from multiple locations. So, these errors just go unnoticed until a customer reports an issue.

Today we are introducing tracing capabilities that allow automatic capture of network requests and console log messages while executing your browser-based tests. Your test could be as simple as logging in and visiting all your application's web pages or you might have a test covering a complex scenario. You will get visibility into all the network requests that happen while executing your flow.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Network requests: A familiar user interface similar to Developer Tools that allows you to search/filter the network requests.

Network Requests

Console log messages: UI showing console messages with an ability to search or filter the messages.

Console Logs

Refer our documentation for more details on enabling tracing for your browser-based tests.

Other updates:

  • No-code editor now supports executing tests on Chromium, Firefox, WebKit browsers with simple configuration.
  • No-code editor now supports waitForLoadState operation.
  • No-code editor now supports changing waitUntil option for Go To Url operation
  • other minor fixes and enhancements