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Notification Settings

Notification Settings allow you to configure alert channels that can be commonly used across monitors in your Workspace for receiving alerts. For example: if Slack integration is enabled for your Workspace, all monitors will be able to send alerts to the integrated Slack channel.

Email Address

Configure an email address for receiving alerts from all the monitors. Usually this email address is your team's distribution list or Office 365 group email address so all the team members receive the alerts.

Slack integration

Enable Slack integration for receiving alerts from all the monitors to the configured Slack channel. Only one Slack channel can be setup to receive notifications per Workspace. We do not currently support sending Slack notifications to multiple channels or to monitor specific channels.

Refer Slack integration page for more details,

Microsoft Teams incoming webhook URL

You can choose to receive notifications via Microsoft Teams by setting up an incoming webhook URL. We only support sending notifications to one Microsoft Teams incoming webhook URL per Workspace.


Every monitor by default sends notifications to enabled channels in your Workspace. You can choose to disable notifications from individual monitors by changing confguration in Notification Settings section for the monitor.