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Functions are reusable code blocks that can be used with one or more monitor scripts to perform a particular task.

Functions help prevent duplication of code across multiple monitors. For example, you can create a function for login to your application and invoke that function from all your monitors without duplicating the code in your scripts.

Functions can be invoked from your Playwright Script in Browser Tests, Before Request Script or After Request Script in API monitors.

The Functions page shows the list of available functions in your Workspace.

Create a new Function

  1. Navigate to Functions page
  2. Click Create new Function tile.
  3. You will be navigated to New Function page.
  4. Provide a Name for the Function.
  5. Provide the Function Script for the Function. Following is an example script.

We recommend wrapping your script blocks as a function so they can be invoked in your monitoring scripts as needed. Use async keyword to declare async functions.

function getCredentials() {
const Base64 = require('crypto-js/enc-base64');
const Utf8 = require('crypto-js/enc-utf8');

const username = 'foo';
const password = 'bar';

return Base64.stringify(Utf8.parse(`${username}:${password}`))

If your Function's script block is not wrapped as a function or added as an immediately invoked function, the Function's script block gets invoked before the execution of your monitoring scripts.

  1. Click Save to create the Function.

Editing or Viewing Function Details

  1. Navigate to Functions page
  2. Click the tile for the Function to edit.
  3. Edit Function page will be displayed.

Delete a Function

  1. Navigate to Functions page
  2. Locate the tile for the Function you wish to delete.
  3. Click the ellipsis button on the top right of the tile.
  4. Click Delete Function.
  5. Click Delete on the confirm dialog.

Deleting a Function is an irreversible operation. Once a Function is deleted, any monitors that still reference or use the functions