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Continuous Web Page Monitoring

Google Lighthouse is an excellent tool for improving the quality of web pages. During the development of a web page, you can run Google Lighthouse audit from your local machine and identify issues that are affecting the performance, SEO, accessibility for your web page.

Once the issues are identified, you can fix the issues based on the opportunities provided by Google Lighthouse audit. Your web page then goes live and everything is great, until the next set of changes need to be done to the web page.

The next set of the changes may again affect the page quality. If you are spending time and money to drive traffic to your web page, a web page with poor quality (performance, SEO) essentially translates to losing money.

DevRaven can help with automated continuous monitoring of your web pages and sends alerts when your web pages are poorly performing.

To setup web page monitoring

Navigate to Web Page Monitors page.

  1. Click New Monitor button.
  2. Provide Name for the monitor.
  3. Provide a Web Page URL to monitor e.g.
  4. Select Desktop or Mobile device to use for loading the web page.
  5. Select the Categories for evaluating the page on.
  6. Use the category specific sliders to assert minimum scores for the category.

Web Page Monitor

  1. Leave the Status enabled to immediately enable the monitor on creation.
  2. Optionally, select multiple monitoring locations for checking the SSL certificates for your domain from multiple geolocations.
  3. Click Submit
  4. A new Web Page monitor is created for the URL.

Scheduling automated runs

  1. Navigate to Monitoring Schedule for the Web Page monitor.
  2. Select an appropriate schedule to run the monitor.
  3. Click Save
  4. The Web Page Monitor runs automatically based on the selected schedule.

To setup alerting

Alerts will be sent when Lighthouse scores for your web page drop below the set assertion score thresholds.

Change the configuration in NOTIFICATION SETTINGS section to customize alerting for the monitor.


The maximum execution time for completing an audit on your web page is ~60 seconds. Monitoring checks can be marked as skipped if your web page takes longer time to load and alerts/notifications will not be sent in such cases.